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  • PIC9572-Boost .21 5TR CER Team Spec
    PIC9572-Boost .21 5TR CER Team Spec

    The PICCO Boost .21 5TR CER Team Spec engine comes with a multi exhaust system to ensure top of the line performance throughout the engine’s upper RPM band.
    With a 5 port design the engine performs exceptionally well at the…

    € 284,50
  • PIC9633-P-Six .21 Max Buggy Turbo
    PIC9633-P-Six .21 Max Buggy Turbo

    Based on our high quality production standards the P-SIX MAX engine represents the answer to drivers looking for a real good SIX ported turbo performance engine at a competitive price.
    The P-SIX MAX has quality internal parts for…

    € 154,30